About Your Expert Body Healer

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About Ms. Desir

Hi my name is Ms. Widlyne pronounced "Widd-Lynn" and I’m an Expert Body Healer. I have found that my hands are intuitive and detailed and can find those spots that you didn’t know hurt. I work with high-level professionals who are under a lot of stress and want to try a holistic path. I studied TCM Traditional Chinese Medicine, Cranial, Corrective Exercises, Doula, and more. I have worked with all sorts of folks from all different parts of the world. If you're looking for something holistic, natural, and healing, I'm the one you have been seeking.

Building Relationships

You will reap the benefits of massage if it becomes a regular part of your life.  Our goal is to work together with our clients in order to provide them with long-term health benefits as a result of regular bodywork.

Sharing Knowledge

Communication is key. We want to know what you're feeling, experiencing, and what you're looking to gain in order for us to best help you. In turn, we will explain your treatment and what you can expect to gain from it. 

Helping You Feel Better

Bodywork is one of the best tools to help/assist your body with natural healing. Whether it's stress, illness or simply to pamper yourself, the benefits of massage can be life changing. We would be honored to assist you on your journey.